Knife Block Prototype

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Magnetic Knife Block Concept from customer design. This is a proof of concept, once the concept has been tested we will source suppliers for the components. 

The material for this project was found in the attic of our new shop, what a great find. This hickory is incredibly hard. I have already burned out a few drill bits and broke a few screws in it. 


Day 1: Hickory is jointed and planed for usable material. 

Boards are cut to measurement and holes are drilled for magnets.

once magnets are installed maple plugs are cut and inserted for finished look. 


Day 2: panels assembled into 1 piece. Last step will be to create an angle on the bottom and attach to base. 

 Day 3: knife block assembled with supports in the back. Hole drilled in supports to hold sharpening steel. Groove routed in base for handles to rest in. Next step will be to sand and varnish.