Should I buy a hardwood cutting board made in Canada?

Whats this all about wood cutting boards?

People have a lot of options when it comes to cutting boards these days, so how do you make a decision? Well that's a tricky question, you really have to go by your needs. Lets take a look at a few of the factors that will help make your decision easier.



Cleaning will always be important in the kitchen, especially when dealing with raw meat. So how does this effect cutting boards? Well first, the material is very important because that effects how easy it is to clean.

Plastic and synthetic materials can be placed in the dishwasher on a high heat setting to ensure that bacteria will most likely be killed in the process. I say most likely because the more a plastic board is used the more knife marks appear in the surface. This increases the risk of contamination substantially as the bacteria can hide in the grooves created by knives.
This is why restaurants replace there plastic boards frequently.
End grain cutting boards made with hardwood do not need to be placed in a dishwasher to be cleaned. They can be wiped down and cleansed with hydrogen peroxide, a bleach and water mixture, or even lemon juice to clean after working with raw meat.
The hardwood has natural properties that help fight off harmful bacteria. Ensure that you clean your board well after cutting raw meat and set it to dry so there is no chance for cross contamination. Follow proper cleaning guidelines from the health authorities in your area. Make sure not to submerge or place wood boards in a dishwasher as it will cause expansion and ruin them.


How often and what you use your board for plays a big part in which ones are best for you. If you cook frequently than end grain boards are the best option. These boards are designed to handle regular chopping and cutting and will last generations with regular maintenance.  
If you cook occasionally than a face grain wood board or synthetic board will suit your needs and you will save some money doing it. These boards will not last as long but if you don't cook often than this is a good option to have.
The face grain wood board will outlast the synthetic materials as it can be resurfaced with some sandpaper quite easily.
As a side note stay away from glass cutting boards as they are extremely detrimental to knives and could break while chopping.


hardwood maple cutting board

Why would elegance be important when buying a cutting board? Well that's easy, do you hide your cutting board in a cupboard or drawer? If you do than elegance will save you space in your kitchen. If you have a beautiful wooden cutting board why not show it off on your counter or kitchen table.

Well designed wood boards will add style to your kitchen and become an extension of your counter top. They can also be used to serve food while entertaining guests which makes them not only versatile but also a great conversation piece.



Now you have a little more insight into what type of cutting board will suit your kitchen the best. Another point to add is the manufacturing source of your board, the larger the manufacturing process the less detail is put into the product. This is important because you are going to be eating the food that was prepared on this surface. Smaller companies typically have better quality control over their products.

Between The Grain likes to promote local businesses in our communities and across the country. We are proud to be a Canadian manufacturer and continue to promote home cooking.

 Here is a short video from Chef Michael Smith and his take on which is best.

Michael Smith's choice