About us

Between the Grain Woodworking is a small company operating out of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. We specialize in hand made end-grain cutting boards using North and South American hardwoods. We are passionate about woodworking as well as cooking, this is why we produce quality cutting boards that allow for efficient and safe food preparation. 

Every board is unique due to the diversity of each piece of wood used to build it. Read our section on why end grain, to learn about the benefits of our cutting boards. 

We are a husband(John) and wife(Mary) team who are responsible for both production and distribution. We have more than 5 years experience in end-grain cutting board production, and over 10 years of construction industry knowledge. Mary is a certified red seal carpenter while John is a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces with a background in construction and woodworking. We are focused on producing quality products that are beautiful, unique and functional. We look forward to creating a masterpiece that you can show your family and friends!

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Owners John and Mary Cassidy